RR-1001 : A very attractive ball designed to compliment all countries which participate in world cup, each panel has colourful flag of country. Good practice or camp ball 32 panels. Latex bladder Hand stitched
SIZE 3.4.5. WEIGHT 280-300gms.
RR-1002 : Excellent for camp & practice this ball has 32 panels and is hand stitched with 2 lining which reinforce it internally It has five stamps and is black & white in colour.
SIZE. 3,4,5 WEIGHT. 280-300qms.
RR-1003 : Two layers of cotton one layer of polyester fabric internally line in this 32 panel ball to ensure its shape & durability. Natural latex bladder gives exceptional speed & accurate trajectory. Tango printing.
SIZE 3,4,5. WEIGHT: 370-SBOgms.
RR-1004 & 1005 : A perfect combination of practice & game ball. Skillfully hand stitched with 18 panels and 32 panels. One patent polyester & three cotton linings. Water resistant. Natural latex bladder is used to assure a professional touch.
SIZE :3,4,5 WEIGHT: 400gms.
RR-1006 : Promotional ball of 12 panels hand stitched with stamps of the promoter.

RR-1007 : A European style 18 panel professional match ball. Skillfully hand stitched 18 panels using best PU leather, it is lined with 2 polyester & 2 cotton fabrics to ensure shape. 100% latex bladder with needle valve is used to give the ball professional bounce and maximum control. Water resistant with high gloss.
SIZE :4,5. WEIGHT : 42Ogms.

RR-1010 : Rugby ball made from quality leather.

RR-1011 &1012 : Volley Balls, attactively designed,18 panel hand stitched, excellent for practices & camps.

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